St. Mary's Vidyaniketan High School

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. New Delhi No: 3630200

Pregnapur-Gajwel Siddipet Dist.Telangana -502311



To elevate careers from the mediocre to professional, St. Mary's is offering a spring-board to rural students. It is time when the mind and the soul need to come together to fight against circumstances. This means a fusion of sound knowledge and spirit. A sound spirit is inherent to an Indian but sound knowledge can be gained better at the national level and not at the state level. Knowledge gained under sagacious professors only and not just qualified ones can stand the test of time. And this superior knowledge is given in the institutions offering professional education at the state level in all fields.

St. Mary's makes lives of students better by integrating preparatory coaching with regular Board Syllabus. Students are prepared to study in the best institutions. It was observed that students from the rural areas do not have much access to professional education either because of lack of awareness or resources. St. Mary's has taken the initiative to improve the careers and lives of underprivileged pupils by offering top quality education at minimum fee if not free education. We wish to see such students reaching high positions in their professional careers because they are capable and deserving.

It, therefore, becomes imperative that students aspire and focus on professional education where it is offered with proper infrastructure - physical and intellectual. The years that are invested in learning and gaining knowledge cannot be got back. They must, therefore, be invested wisely. Parents need to be aware of facts around so that their children can be given proper guidance without which their careers would be grounded instead of flying high. Where fragile knowledge can wreck an individual's career and life - true knowledge can strengthen one's character manifold. True character can bring to surface our best quality to fight the worst adversity. The choice you make ought to be based on far-sightedness and not myopic vision. We believe that education should aim at the promotion and development of social, moral and spiritual values. This dream state of affairs can be realized by inculcating a strong streak of curiosity and voracity to exam.

After all as Tagore said “The great task of education is not merely to collect facts but to know man and to make one self known to man." Education is the transmission of civilization. It is also the ability to meet life's situation. This can be made possible by striving hard to promote an all round development in the students.


Human quotient paramount as it improves intellectual and emotional quotients. Educating a child is educating a generation, for a child is the nucleus of change. To provide an environment conducive to help children learn, respect and imbibe vital traits of living, self-reliance and perseverance.


Is to educate young minds and foster ethical, social and moral values through learning to bloom into responsible global citizens. Besides our vision is to deliver stimulating and enjoyable places to live and to study, and embody the contemporary lifestyle aspirations of our students. To blend the fine dealing with contemporary ideas, innovation, life and technological skills, St. Mary's promises to deliver the best in the educational field.


Our motto is Love-Learn-Discipline

  • To develop the individual by inculcating human values of love, kindness, devotion and service
  • To provide opportunities to buld individual self, self discipline, self esteem, and self confidence
  • To promote skills of communication, reasoning and problem solving.
  • To emphasis on Activity and project based teaching.
  • To inculcate regular habits in a child and to sensitize the child to life skills.
  • To develop the application of Culture and Heritage.
  • To impart value education.
  • To create awareness towards disasters and ways to counter.
  • To inculcate regular habits in child.
  • To focus on environmental learning to know; to do to give together to be.

Salient Features of St. Mary's

'The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives'

The philosophy of St. Mary's has been to offer separate campuses for different streams. The rationale behind this move is to keep the students focused on their primary goal. Each campus is usually located in idyllic environs, away from the din and clamor of the city. There are lots of things to share and discuss about the features of St. Mary's, but the main features which are top, are given here.

  1. Learn, think, analyze and implement approach
  2. Focus on personality development and higher order thinking skills
  3. Creating opportunities for self assessment
  4. Penmanship to develop writing skills
  5. Focus on problem solving and analytical abilities
  6. Focus on environmental education
  7. Abacus classes to improve Mathematics skills
  8. Vedic Maths to get perfection in Maths
  9. Lab activities are integrated
  10. Importance to Olympiad Programme
  11. Edutainment through weekly activities and projects
  12. More concentration on oral drilling
  13. Learning by questioning and Importance to text book reading
  14. Importance of project based education
  15. Priority to improve communication skills
  16. Giving importance to Telugu and Hindi also along with English language
  17. Diverting the hidden strength of each student towards academics by motivation
  18. Experimental learning through educational tours, field trips and visits
  19. Equal importance to co-curricular activities along with academics
  20. More than 100 assessment examinations for x class students for getting perfection in subjects
  21. Preparing students for different types of competitive examinations
  22. Creating good environment to participate in different games and sports at district level, state level and national level tournaments
  23. Seminars, essay writings, debate competitions etc.
  24. Audio visual education (learning through listening and watching)