St. Mary's Vidyaniketan High School

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. New Delhi No: 3630200

Pregnapur-Gajwel Siddipet Dist.Telangana -502311


  1. The school expects the parents to co-operate with the school for the proper development of child.
  2. Send your ward in proper school uniform regularly.
  3. Inculcate punctuality and regularity.
  4. Be a role model to your ward in all aspects of life.
  5. Check regularly home work / written assignments and make sure your ward completes it on time.
  6. Check school diary daily and sign it.
  7. All tests, report cards, circulars must be signed by the parents/guardian.
  8. Attend Parent Teacher Interaction meetings to know your ward’s academic progress, Co-Curricular activities participation and behavioural aspects.
  9. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal articles of the students.
  10. Bringing expensive articles must be avoided.
  11. Information about any change of the address or phone number must be immediately given to school office and change noted down in the diary.
  12. Parents are requested to refrain from entering the school premises except for meeting the Principal or Teachers by prior appointment. Kindly advise caretakers who come to collect your wards from school, not to remain in the school premises for longer duration of time, if not required. The class teacher should be informed in writing through a note in the diary if there is a change in the person coming to pick up the child. Verbal messages will not be entertained.
  13. The students should be dropped at the school gate in time. Please do not enter the classrooms or meet teachers during teaching learning process.
  14. Inculcate in your ward the habit of self-study and to develop a regular study routine and also create a conducive atmosphere to study at home. Avoid all kinds of disturbances like TV, Radio, Video, Internet etc. while your child is studying.
  15. Allow your child surf the net only for essential information under your supervision.
  16. Parents/Guardians are requested to carry their Id-Cards to school whenever they visit The school premises. Identity card for parents/guardians/ caretakers is a must for entering the school premises and shall not be permitted without the same.
  17. If any student is found to have done damage to school property while in class or in the school premises, the parents/guardians will have to make good.
  18. Criticism of teachers in the presence of your child should be avoided as it encourages them to lose respect for their teacher. In case of any grievances you are requested to meet the Principal.
  19. Parents are requested to inform the School Authorities about any congenital disorder/allergy/physical handicap/psychological or emotional problem the child is suffering from, to enable the authorities to take additional care of such cases in times of emergency.
  20. Parents are advised not to request for half-days or leave, during school working days, as project assignment and assessments will be conducted regularly, Absence will lead to irregularity in testing procedures and incompletion of day-to-day work.
  21. No re-examination will be conducted.
  22. Parents shall ensure that they are in proper attire while entering the School premises and wait in parents allocated areas until called for any meeting.
  23. Parents are required to understand that any kind of differences with the School/authorities/teachers / administrative staff can be sorted out in an amicable and peaceful manner. Parents shall not indulge in insulting / shouting / fighting with the School Employees. The Management of the School reserves the right to take appropriate action on the parents, who indulge in disturbing the functions of the school.
  24. Lunch to the child must be nutritious, hygienic & should be carried by child from home.
  25. Ensure that the child maintains personal hygiene, sleeps for 8 hrs daily, has a nutritionally rich diet & avoids consumption of junk food, cold drinks & eatables from road side vendors.
  26. Pay your ward’s fee on time as per the fee schedule.
  27. Respect school rules and regulation for smooth functioning of the school.
  28. Your ward must maintain minimum of 75% of attendance.
  29. Your ward must apply for leave if he/she is absent for the school.