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  • The Students should come to school in the prescribed uniform which should be neat and clean.
  • The Students must wear their ID cards every day.
  • The Boys should have well-trimmed haircut and the girls should either wear two plaits or have a short haircut. Applying mehendi on the hands is not permitted.
  • The Students should have trimmed nails.
  • The defaulters will be given 3 chances in a month. All the Students must follow the following uniform code of the school



Monday to Friday


On Saturdays


  • The Students need to maintain discipline at all times in the school.
  • Whenever a student’s behavior is found unacceptable he / she will be issued a Discipline form which has to be signed by the parents and given to the coordinator of the respective block.
  • If the student repeats the same behavior again, he/she will be detained in the school which will be followed by suspension.
  • If the students are found roaming in the corridors or going to washroom ( other than during short break or lunch break ) without the permission card, three chances are given after which a discipline form is issued to the student.

  • These measures are taken to bring in self-discipline among the students.
  • Students can earn their credits by behaving well in the classroom as well as school premises and by keeping their classroom neat and tidy.


  • Students should maintain silence in the library.
  • Students who borrow books should return the books promptly.
  • Book is a device to ignite imagination.
  • Students should handle them with care.


  • The Students will work individually on some experiments, while other experiments will be done with partners or groups.
  • The Students should not engage in horseplay such as tickling, throwing objects, squirting water, etc.
  • Breakage fees for glassware or the equipment broken due to misuse will be charged to the student(s) responsible for the broken item(s) at the replacement costs.


  • The Students are expected to obey directions given by all the supervisors while on the playground. The Students are not allowed in any of the play areas without any supervisor to monitor.
  • The Students must play the designated games in the designated areas.
  • When the bell rings all the students must immediately stop playing and walk to their classes.
  • The Students should not bully the other students while playing.

Winners list of Classes I-X

Class Name of the Competition Name of Student Position
I A Making Greeting card Brinda I
Jayanth II
Harshavardhan III
I B Making Greeting card Sudheeksha I
Srithan Sathwik II
Vinushnna III
II A Making Greeting card Akshaya Pragna I
Harshitha. G II
Amogha III
II B Making Greeting card Sreshta I
Sreehitha II
Advithi III
III A Making Greeting card Naga Suhas I
Bala Sudeeth II
V. Sahasra III
III B Making Greeting card Sathwik I
Ziya II
K. Shivani III