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St. Mary's Educational Institutions
Year Plan - 2018-19
Month Date Day Activities
May 21-26/05/2018 Mon-Sat Teachers' Training
27/05/2018 Sunday Alumni
28/05/2018 Monday Teachers report to their respective schools
June 01/06/2018 Friday School Reopens
02/06/2018 Saturday Teachers' Training
04/06/2018 Monday Revision of Basics
05/06/2018 Tuesday Revision of Basics/Enviroment Day
06/06/2018 Wednesday Revision of Basics
07/06/2018 Thursday Revision of Basics
08/06/2018 Friday Revision of Basics
09/06/2018 Saturday ATL Inaugural Ceremony
14/06/2018 Thursday World Blood Donation Day
15/06/2018 Friday Election of Cabinet Members/ Ramazan Celebrations/paryavarana parirakshna
16/06/2018 Saturday Ramzan
18/06/2018 Monday Yoga
21/06/2018 Thursday YES, I CAN
23/06/2018 Saturday Road Safety Awareness by Traffic Department/Elocution-Environment
30/06/2018 Saturday Handwrititng Competition/Drawing Competition/Fancy Dress Competition
July 02/07/2018 Monday Harithaharam
04/07/2018 Wednesday Toli Ekadashi
06/07/2018 Friday Cabinet Installation/Investiture Ceremony
07/07/2018 Saturday Cabinet Installation/Investiture Ceremony/Quiz
09/07/2018 Monday My Strengths
14/07/2018 Saturday Second Saturday
16-21/7/2018 Mon-Sat Formative Assessment -I
18/07/2018 Wednesday Road Safety Awareness by Traffic Department
21/07/2018 Saturday Inter House Spell Bee/Blue Color Day (PP)/Kabaddi Inter House Competition
23.07.2018 Monday SELF - ESTEEM
28/07/2018 Saturday World Nature Conservation Day/Essay Writing
30/07/2018 Monday Disadvantages of mobiles
August 02/08/2018 Thursday International Friendship Day/Mission Bhagiradha/Forgiveness Day
03/08/2018 Friday SELF - CONFIDENCE
04/08/2018 Saturday Varalakshmi Vratham/ Special Assembly by Teachers/Bonalu Celebration
06/08/2018 Monday Bonalu/Hiroshima Day
08/08/2018 Wednesday World Sanskrithi Day/Respecting Parents
11/08/2018 Saturday Parent Teacher Interaction-I
13/08/2018 Monday National Festivals
15/08/2018 Wednesday Independence Day
16-23/08/2018 Formative Assessment-II
18/08/2018 Saturday Sprouts Day/ Yellow Color Day/Inter House Volley Ball Competition/ Debate
22/08/2018 Wednesday Bakrid (ID-UL-AZHA)
25/08/2018 Saturday Rakhee making competition/ Kho-Kho Inter House competition
26/08/2018 Tuesday Sports/ TEAM WORK
28/08/2018 Sunday Raksha Bandhan
September 01/09/2018 Saturday Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations
03/09/2018 Monday Krishna Janmashtami
04/09/2018 Tuesday Preparation for Teachers' Day/Respect for the Teachers
05/09/2018 Wednesday Teachers' Day Celebrations
06/09/2018 Thursday 18TH CAMEL
08/09/2018 Saturday Parent Teacher Interaction-II/International Literacy Day
13/09/2018 Thursday Vinayaka Chavithi
14/09/2018 Friday Hindi Divas/Hindi Quiz/ Poem writing
15/09/2018 Saturday Card Designing/ Use of Plastics/ Vinayaga Chouthi
17/09/2018 Monday DON'T CONFIRM
20/09/2018 Thursday Respecting parents
21/09/2018 Friday Moharam
22/09/2018 Saturday English Quiz
27/09/2018- 08/10/2018 Summative Assessment-I
October 01/10/2018 Monday Swachh Bharath
02/10/2018 Tuesday Mahathma Gandhi Jayanthi
06/10/2018 Saturday karate/Bathukamma Celebrations
09/10/2018 Tuesday Bathukamma Starting Day
09-10-2018 to 23-10-2018 Dassara Holidays
24/10/2018 Wednesday School Reopens
27/10/2018 Thursday Vinayaka Chavithi
14/09/2018 Saturday I/H Debate on Good and bad effects of Technology/Soft Ball Inter House Competition/ Internet use
31/10/2018 Wednesday National Integration Day/ EMPATHIZE
November 02/11/2018 Friday TIME MANAGEMENT
03/11/2018 Saturday Shuttle Badminton - Inter House Competition/preparation of Diyas
06/11/2018 Tuesday Alchohal/MY GOAL
07/11/2018 Wednesday Deepavali
10/11/2018 Saturday Parent Teacher Interaction-III/World Science Day
14/11/2018 Wednesday Children's Day
17/11/2018 Saturday Field Trip (PP)/Smoking/ Science Quiz
19/11/2018 Monday TV-Uses and Misuses/MIND MAPING
24-30/11/2018 Sat-Fri Formative Assessment -III/ Social Quiz
21/11/2018 Wednesday Id-e- Milad
23/11/2018 Friday Gurunanak Jayanthi/Karthika Purnima
24/1/2018 Saturday Best of Waste/Green Color Day (PP)/DECISION-MAKING
December 01/12//2018 Saturday Maths Quiz
3-9/12/2018 Mon-Sun Revision Test-I (X)
04.12.2018 Tuesday BROWSE TO LEARN
05/12//2018 Wednesday Computers
08/12/2018 Saturday Parent Teacher Interaction-IV
10-16/12/2018 Mon-Sun Revision Test-II (X)
13.12.2018 Thursday WRITE YOUR RESUME!
14/12/2018 Friday National Energy Conservation Day
15/12/2018 Saturday Save energy- Essay Writing Competition/Inkudu Gunthalu/Essay Writing
17-23/12/2018 Mon-Sun Revision Test-III (X)
20/12/2018 Thursday Save Water/BODY ALSO SPEAKS!
22/12/2018 Saturday National Mathematics Day- Quize competition
24/12/2018 Monday Christmas Celebrations
25/12/2018 Tuesday Christmas
26/12-02/01/2019 Boxing Day/ Revision Test-IV (X)
27/12/2018 Thursday INTERVIEW SKILLS
29/12/2018 Saturday Pink Colour Day/play writing Competition/Preparation of Greeting Card
January 01/01/2019 Tuesday New Year Day
02/01/2019 Wednesday BE THE CHANGE
3-9/01/2019 Thur-Wed Revision Test -V (X)
05.01.2019 Saturday Mission Kakatiya
09.01.2019 Wednesday SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
10-19/01/2019 Revision Test -VI (X)
11/01/2019 Friday Sankranthi Celebrations/Rangoli Competition
12-01-2019 to 16-01-2019 Sakranthi holidays
17/01/2019 Thursday School Reopens/Save Electicity
20-27/01/2019 Revision Test -VII (X)
26/01/2019 Saturday Republic Day
28/01-02/02/2019 Formative Assessment -IV
28/01-03/02/2019 Revision Test -VIII (X)
February 04-10/02/2019 Revision Test -IX (X)
08.02.2019 Friday EARTH, OUR HOME
09/02/2019 Saturday Parent Teacher Interaction-V
11-18/02/2019 Revision Test-I (I-IX) 30% of the Syllabus
13/02/2019 Wednesday Maha Shivarathri
15-27/02/2019 Prefinal Examinations for X
21-27/02/2019 Revision Test-II (I-IX) Next 35% of the Syllabus
March 01/03/2019 Friday Holi
02-08/03/2019 Revision Test-III (I-IX) Balance 35% of the Syllabus
11-20/03/2019 Prefinal Examinations (I-IX) Complete Portion
26/03/2019 Tuesday Sri Rama Navami
April 02-09.04.2019 Tue-Tue Summative Assessment-II
05.04.2019 Friday Babu Jagjivan Ram's Birthday
13.04.2019 Saturday Second Saturday
14.04.2019 Sunday Dr. Ambedkar Jayanthi
18/04/2019 Thursday Final Results Day
20.04.2019 Saturday Last working Day